7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain For Beginners

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

Do you stand with your neck angled forward, shoulders hunched, and stomach sitting out? Do people ask you to “sit up straight, or you’ll have a hunched back?” A bad back posture is blamed on everything from driving to excessive writing. Isn’t that correct? Here are the 7 yoga poses for back pain for beginners

Did you know that 60-80% of the adults in India experience Low Back Pain (LBP) at some point in their lives, as per a 2017 cross-sectional study? Did you know that the sixth most costly condition among US citizens is back pain? From pain level to stress and body balance to self-confidence, our back posture impacts us more than we can imagine.

We all are so guilty of wanting the elegant stance and the lean look of a ramp model or a yoga teacher that, downhearted, we end up forking out thousands of dollars on gym training to have a good body shape. The truth is that the elegant stance, the lean look, and a good body shape start with a good back posture.

The basics of good back posture | Importance of Yoga for Improving Posture

A good back posture is synonymous with ‘alignment.’ More than about standing up straight, a good posture involves placing the least strain on ligaments and muscles while moving or performing tasks like pulling, bending, or lifting. It usually refers to straightening out some of the body curves. One question must have popped up in your mind, “why would I choose to correct my bad back posture?”

A good back posture prevents muscular pain, backache, and fatigue, increases your flexibility, reduces your risk of falling, aligns your musculoskeletal system, and makes the spine less fragile and prone to injuries. Good posture has several advantages.

Do the thoughts of putting in efforts to improve your bad back posture pains you? These7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain For Beginners can help you reach the gold standard of good back posture real quick. Your dream of having less lumbar curve and more erect upper back is just a few practices (of these seven exercises) away.

7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain For Beginners

  • Arm-across-the-chest stretch: Bring your right arm to the shoulder level. With the left hand, grasp the right elbow and gently pull it across the body. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds.Switch sides and repeat the same process. Perform at least three sets on each side.
  • Cobra pose: Cora pose is a powerful backbend that strengthens your lower back muscles, increases spine mobility, and relieves back pain. Lie down flat on your stomach with your palms flat on the ground near your ribs. Breathe slowly as you raise your head and chest off the ground. Make sure your elbows hug your sides as you do so. Keep gazing on the floor to avoid cranking your neck up.
  • Shoulder blade squeeze: This move builds a more functional, mobile, and stable shoulder joint, improving the back posture. Stand tall and straight. Slowly move your shoulders back to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold this position and count to five. Relax. Perform this task at least five times.
  • Imagery: Begin by picturing yourself as a ballerina. Stand on the tip of your toes and stretch your head towards the ceiling slowly. Hold that position for at least 30 seconds. Relax for a few seconds and repeat 3-4 times.
  • Plank pose: This move strengthens back muscles, shoulders, as well as transverse abdominal. Get into a pushup position with your palms flat on the floor under your shoulders. Hold that position until you start feeling tired and exhausted. Rest and repeat 3-4 times.
  • Basic bridge: Lie on the floor, with your face up, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor.Breathe slowlyas you press your heels into the floor and your hips toward the ceiling.Hold that position until you start feeling exhausted. Rest and repeat. Do so for 20 to 30 minutes.Basic bridge exercise keeps your abdominal muscles engaged by making your body rely on them instead of your lower back.
  •  Single leg extension: Lie with your face up, feet flat, and hands behind your head on the floor. Exhale slowly as you press one knee into your chest while extending the other leg straight. Make sure to keep your abdominals pulled in as you do so. Switch legs and repeat 8-10 times.

Of the many ways of getting to the heart of fitness and happiness, one is practicing these seven exercises. Find the right trigger to help you remember practicing these exercises twice throughout the day. The practice of improving back posture with these exercises will pay off in the long run.

– Neukelp
#Healthy Posture. Healthy You.

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