What Are The 4 Advantages of Good Posture?

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

Back pain due to poor posture

In theory, a healthy human body is all about balance. Ideally, your left and right side muscles should get equal use. Unfortunately, that’s hardly the case. In this article, we talk about 4 proven advantages of good posture.

4 Advantages of Good Posture

We are all used to wearing our bodies like an oversized un-pressed t-shirt, and the credit goes to our sedentary lifestyle. The job of sitting in chairs for straight six to seven hours renders our bodies out of whack. Good posture not only good for our outer body but for our inner body as well. A good posture allows our lungs to breathe properly. In this article, we are talking about the 4 advantages of good posture. Even, nagging commands from etiquette tyrants, such as “sit up straight” won’t do any good until we start taking our poor posture too seriously.

To get you into gear, we’ve come up with a list of proven benefits that would be nothing less than a dose of inspiration for you.

You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” – Joseph Pilates, the inventor of “the Pilates method.” Here are the 4 advantages of good posture.

  1. Confidence

Proper posture makes you feel better about your skills and capabilities, shows a study conducted by an Ohio state university on 71 students.

The study found that students who were told to sit up straight were more likely to accept what they wrote down concerning job skills and qualifications. On the other hand, students who wrote down their answers while slumping over their desks were less likely to accept their written-down statements. That said, your posture reflects whether you are confident or coward, whether you are thriving or weak. confidence is the most important advantage of good posture

2. You breathe easier.

 A misaligned body misbehaves, and here’s the proof! Slouched position significantly reduces respiratory function, reveals a 2016 study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. The research shows that our poor posture restricts our ability to breathe correctly.

Ease in breathe is the second important advantage of good posture for our body .

3. You have a stronger core.

Once a wise man said, “If your spine is inflexible and stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young. You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Poor posture is related to lower endurance capacity and strength of the trunk muscles, reveals the study conducted on 3rd to 7th-grade students of an Estonian private school. That being proved, good posture maintains the strength of your core muscles that support your spine. Staying erect keeps your muscles engaged, and with time, they get used to staying erect. Healthy posture becomes inherent without any hassle.

4. Your body has more energy.

Energy and posture are interlinked. Blood flows fluently to and from your lungs when you carry a good posture, reveal a 2017 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Better blood-flow within your body translates to boundless energy and bold you.

So are you convinced? Here are the four yoga exercises to help you wear your posture with perfection. Combine your efforts with the Neukelp posture trainer, and get ready to count your blessings.

Quick View on Disadvantages of Poor Posture

Here are the 6 disadvantages of the poor posture:

  1. Poor Sleep Cycle
  2. Digestion Issues
  3. Bloating
  4. Back Pain
  5. Cervical Pain
  6. Release of stress hormone i.e Cortisol

– Neukelp
#Healthy Posture. Healthy You.

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