4 Most Common Myths About Lower Back Pain(LBP) Debunked!

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

The practice of prolonged sitting in a poor posture gives birth to Lower Back Pain, a widespread condition that can be as frustrating and embarrassing as debilitating. Around 80% – 90% of people have an episode of Lower Back Pain (LBP) at some point in life. In this article, we are revealing the 4 most common myths about lower back pain.

4 most common facts about lower back pain

The health-conscious people, haunted by the idea of having poor posture and the pain associated with it, turn to the internet to put an end to their panic. A lot of age-old myths and misconceptions are floating around about lower back pain (LBP). Google “Lower Back Pain” and you are likely to encounter much misinformation on the same. Problem is that not many peoples know about the truth about back pain. You could go back and forth with your internet research, but misinformation and the facts’ messiness is the answer.  

4 Most Common Myths About Lower Back Pain

So, we’ve come over all MythBusters for this piece of information and are going to debunk the five common Lower Back Pain (LBP) myths. 

Myth 1: Bed rest is the cure to back pain or Bed rest gives lower back pain relief 

It is a popular notion that Bed rest is the badass back pain relief technique. This once-popular treatment can contribute significantly to your back pain. Remember that prolonged bed rest is associated with poor recovery from back pain. Instead, treatment involving a virtual posture trainer, such as KelpCare, and exercises for lower back pain (stretches, swimming, walking, etc.) work better to heal while highlighting happiness. There are lots of misconception about lower back pain among people.

Myth 2: Medical imaging is the beginning of the end of my back pain. 

Medical imaging is the second myth to lower back pain. No, it’s not! MRI, X-ray, and CT scan are only needed when you suspect signs and symptoms of something more serious and more sinister at play (unexplained weight loss, severe weakness, significant nerves issues, and bowel or bladder disturbances). “Lower Back Pain symptoms” and “medical imaging results” are poorly co-related. Diagnostic imaging doesn’t help with back pain and is not recommended. 

Myth 3: The more the back pain, the more the damage 

Back pain isn’t a reflection of back tissue damage. Pain is a complex yet individual experience. It’s an unreliable indicator of what’s going on in your mind and body. It is affected by other factors also, such as stress, anxiety, and job blues. Stress, anxiety, poor posture, text neck are the main causes of lower back pain.

We need to keep ourselves aware of the low back pain myths and facts based on the correct information.

Myth 4: Massage therapy can cure my back pain. 

Massage therapy is a passive technique that provides temporary relief from terrible back pain. However, an active approach that involves combining massage therapy with back pain exercises and virtual posture training device is useful in the long term. 

Myths and misconceptions for lower back pain can influence recovery. Busting them can be the starting point on your road to recovery.

Low Back Pain Myths and Facts

  • Be active. Add some instability to your life to bring stability to your spine.
  • Be posture conscious. There is a strong relationship between posture and lower back pain, and a few exercises combined with a virtual posture coach, KelpCare c
  • an help weaken the thread that binds ‘posture’ and ‘pain’ together. Get good at the art of eliminating poor postural stresses with your virtual posture trainer, KelpCare.

– Neukelp
#Healthy Posture. Healthy You.

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