Perfect Guide To Understand Perfect Car Driving Posture

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

car driving posture

How many times do you find the right seating position before you set off for a drive? You get inside the car, set the driving seat, and off you go. You end up feeling stiff and experiencing lower back pain. The problem lies in the seating posture for perfect car driving.

What is the Perfect Car Driving Seating Position?

The rolls, rattles, and shakes of daily driving take a toll on your shoulders, neck, and back. When your car seat doesn’t adequately accommodate your back’s curve, or you don’t sit properly, long drives can result in sore shoulders, stiff neck, and achy back. All you need to do is to know how to sit properly in driving seat.

Many drivers, especially taxi and truck drivers and IT workers, underestimate the importance of proper driving posture. An appropriate driving posture can translate into a significant bump in better comfort, better visibility, and faster reaction time. So, what’s the proper posture to drive for hours and doesn’t feel ache?

First thing first, drives a car that can enable you to achieve a proper posture. For example, if you are 6ft 10in, a super-mini isn’t suitable for you.

5 Tips You Should Know While in Driving Seat.

Here are the five tips which you should remember while driving in the car. These tips will definitely helpful in getting rid out of text neck syndrome. Here are the top 5 tips:

·       Put on comfortable clothes and footwear: This recommendation might sound weird, but uncomfortable and baggy clothes can restrict you while driving. Also, fit shoes with slightly dense sole and full leg pants can go a long way to keep you focused and comfortable. 

·       Adjust seat rake and then, lean back: Set up the seat height to somewhere around 95 to 110 degrees. Now set your seat at about 8 cm above the steering wheel. Besides, there should be a two-finger gap between the backside of your lower legs and the seat. Maintaining this gap ensures proper blood circulation within your body.

·       Adjust the driving seat distance: Maintain a 120 degrees knee bent to operate clutch, brakes, and accelerator without putting much effort. Too much knee bent can restrict the normal blood flow within your body. Also, maintain your chest at least 30 cm away from the wheel. Now, try depressing the pedals properly while sticking your back to the seat.

·        Adjust your headrest and steering height: Avoid cracking your neck by moving your headrest in the middle of your head. Now, adjust the steering such that when you grip the wheel, your elbows make an angle of around 120 degrees. 

·       Adjust mirrors: Now, as you have found your proper driving position, you can adjust your car mirrors. 

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