What is Text neck syndrome: Causes and Tips To Ged Rid Out Of It

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

text neck syndrome

Who wants to experience eye pain, neck bone pain, neck joint pain, neck stiffness, tension neck, headache, the clicking of the neck joints, neck stiffness, referred arm pain, and feeling of heaviness? Nobody right? These al symptoms might be a sign of text neck syndrome. Let me guess, you are reading this pile of words with your head poked forward and shoulders rounded slightly inward, and you have suffered at least one of the above-written symptoms. Am I right? we are all guilty of wearing our bodies awkwardly, like an unironed and oversized suit. 

What is Text Neck Syndrome? How to Find Tension Neck Syndrome

Did you know that an adult human head weighs an average of 5 Kg? And guess what! The further you bend your neck, the more the weight cervical-spine bears. At 15 degrees of forwarding tilt, the weight on the cervical spine is about 12 Kg. At 30 degrees, the weight is 18 Kg. And at 60 degrees, the strain on the neck is 27 Kg. The heavy strain can lead to text neck syndrome.

Now consider the fact that the average person spends two to four hours a day, 14 to 28 hours a week and over 700 to 1400 hours a year looking at his phone or tablet. That’s an enormous amount of time wearing the body like an ill-fitting suit. Some common beck problems systems eye pain, neck bone pain, neck joint pain, neck stiffness, tension neck, headache, the clicking of the neck joints, neck stiffness, referred arm pain, and feeling of heaviness.

              Prolong sitting in a poor posture paves an easy way to back pain and text neck.

3 Simple Tips To Ged Rid of Neck Problems Symptoms

Your sputnik moment has arrived. Before this silent epidemic, i.e., “text neck syndrome” leads you to serious health complications, change your poor posture habits. The task of improving your stance after years of slouching and straining while following a sedentary and screen-focused lifestyle may seem sluggish and superfluous. Here is how you can lessen the load on your spine and safeguard your neck: 

  • Use your eyes, not your spine: Not all body curves look beautiful, specifically the front-to-back curve of the upper spine. That’s why avoid bending your head to look down at your phone. Bring the phone just a little below your face or closer to the eye level. 
  • Stretch and strengthen your shoulder muscles: Increase your neck stability while protecting your delicate neck tissues with simple salutary exercises. Performing a gentle circular motion with your neck can warm up your neck muscles. Keep changing directions. Perform this exercise for at least 2 minutes. 

Chin retraction exercise can help maintain your spine’s natural curve. Look straight, and tuck your chin in, while maintaining correct posture (think of making a double chin). Elongate the back of your neck a little while you do so. Hold this position for 5-15 seconds. Repeat. 


Scapular retraction exercise improves the strength of supraspinatus, a relatively small muscle of the upper back. Gently pull your shoulder blades together and downwards. Make sure you feel the muscles between your shoulder blades contracting while you do so. Hold this position for 30 seconds, and repeat ten times. 


  • Be aware of your back posture and head position: When it comes to reminding yourself of what a superman posture feels like, an intelligent virtual posture coach, KelpCare can do the trick. Combine your efforts with KelpCare to make this process of improving your stance more exciting and your life a little less ordinary. 

– Neukelp
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