Virtual Wellness Retreat: How To Improve Posture Without Costing A Fortune

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

“Good posture and an attitude let you get away with anything.” – Lorna Landvik

Today, technology is integrated into every aspect of our life and is blamed on everything from bad posture to eyestrain. While technology may have made negative changes in the world, there is evidence of the positive effects of technology as well, and one of those shreds of evidence is a wearable wellness device. Neukelp is trying to meet real-time health issue with virtual wellness technology.

Virtual Wellness Technology Revolution

Wearable wellness technologies, telemedicine, in-home monitoring, and other digital health technologies have brought a new wave of virtual wellness. E-health is booming, and wellness companies around the world are taking the technological route to embrace this change. Today, a mini fitness computer, in the form of rings and watches, can rate your sleep, measure your heartbeat, remind you to stand or wake up and sit up straight.

“As iron cuts iron, poison kills poison, fear defeats fear, and the same as technology takes over technology.” 

How to Improve Posture With Virtual Wellness Technology

Wellness indicates the process of listening to your body, which is as exceedingly difficult as easy it seems. NeuKelp, a blend of technology and wellness in one frame, can help you navigate this jungle. Darkening the blurred line between workplace and healthy life, the NeuKelp posture training device helps you listen to your back. It sits on your back to gently remind you to sit up straight every time you slouch. 

Remember that the first step of the staircase that leads to an improved overall state of well-being is maintaining good posture. 

How to improve Posture, poise, and confidence with Virtual Wellness Technology

Confidence is said to be the main ingredient of success. It is the invisible thing that is the most visible- through our poise and posture. Our body posture is a reflection of our confidence. Good body posture shouts spectacular and poor body posture screams scepticism. NeuKelp is a posture trainer not only gently reminds you to sit straight; it also brings external beauty and internal wellness. 

Improve overall well-being from the comfort of your couch without costing a fortune with Virtual wellness Technology

Slouching is the new smoking. The only difference between the two is that one harms livers and the other harms the spine. Slouching contributes to Low Back Pain (LBP), the leading cause of disability worldwide. With that being said, turning to healthy lifestyle solutions, such as healthy eating habits, meditation, and wellness has become a need of the hour. In the past, people paid through their nose to pursue their passion for yoga and practice wellness. Thanks to the emergence of technology, now people don’t have to spend a fortune to live a mindful lifestyle. 

With NeuKelp posture trainer, you visit your fitness centre from the comfort of your couch. By using this tiny device, you not only perfect your posture and boost your confidence, but you also take irrevocable steps towards your overall well-being. 

– Neukelp
#Healthy Posture. Healthy You.

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