Good Posture Guide: How To Maintain Good Posture For Healthy Back

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur

“A healthy body is a happy body.”

Importance of good posture

Good posture is the balance of body, mind and movements. Slouch or stoop around etiquette tyrants, and they are likely to drop admonishing words, such as “sit up straight” and “don’t slouch.” You must have been compiling with their commands without having any idea behind their persistent prodding. They aren’t aware of all the implications of poor posture, but somehow they seem to have the key to confidence. Work from home lifestyle increase the Importance of good posture while sitting in front of screen.

Good Posture Guide | How To Stop Slouching While Sitting

Posture is how we wear our bodies while sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of the body parts with respect to ever-present gravity force. 

A straight posture is the sign of a strong and stable spine. It is the face of fearless confidence.

Keep on reading as we are going to discuss how good posture looks like while sitting and standing

How To Prevent Slouching When Sitting? Healthy Posture Ultimate Guide

A simple act of prolonged sitting can set your spine out of alignment. Sitting straight for straight eight to nine hours is a strange herculean task. As we focus on our work, we tend to protrude our head forward. Because our body follows your head, our lumbar spine tends to bend forward as well, placing spinal ligaments on a stretch. Over time, this stretch translates into fatigue and pain. 

Try to sit straight with your shoulders back and butt against your seat. Make sure your knees make an angle of 90 degrees with respect to your upper legs. Avoid crossing your legs. Use a footrest, if necessary, and use a small pillow to support your spine. 

How can I improve posture while standing? Correct Standing Posture Guide

The straight spine isn’t straight. A healthy spine should form a smooth S-shaped curve. So, don’t hesitate to maintain that curve by arching your lower spine. Avoid locking your knees while standing and walking. Maintain body balance. Distribute your weight evenly on your feet. 

Perform a simple wall test to know if you are wearing your body the right way. Press your butt and shoulder blades up against the wall (No! No! Twerking isn’t allowed!). Now check if your head is making contact with the wall. If not, then you could be the next victim of text neck. 

Are you still procrastinating your practice of proper posture? NeuKelp is here for your rescue! Meet the smartest posture trainer here! Pique your interest in wearing a proper posture! Remember a good posture isn’t built in a day; it is built every day until it becomes a habit! 

– Neukelp
#Healthy Posture. Healthy You.

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