Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy contains details regarding how Neukelp Innovation Technology Private Limited, collect data pertaining to you, your body posture, where and how information is collected, how is the data processed and stored, who do we provide the data to, how do we secure your data and how you can let us know to stop processing, amend or delete data.

This privacy policy has been written in a very simple way to make it easier for you to read and understand. Data collected through the device from your body postures will be used for further analysis and statistics generation on your agreement. Individual data collected at the time of registration will be stored on the server.

1. How customer data is gathered?
Your personal information is gathered at the time of registration for our product. Data is picked from the usage of the website and mobile application. Also, when you contact us through email and mobile, your data gets collated and saved in the server. Data is captured through the sensors of the Neukelp device.

2. What customer data is gathered?
Your demographics, first name, last name, email, mobile number, gender, age are the basic details we collect about you.
Your height, weight, BMI, age, number of hours active per day, number of hours in sitting position are captured to provide fitness suggestions.
Information about where the device was purchased and how was it purchased also gets captured.
Details regarding the usage of the device, how many hours do you sit, correct and wrong postures and improvements achieved in your posture positions will be collected and stored in the server.
 All types of communication between customer and Neukelp will be collected and saved in the server.
3. How is the customer data collected utilized?
Data collected through the sensor of the device is used to analyze your posture status, activities performed and compare it with future data to be captured.
Personal login data is stored to authenticate login credentials to access the application, send notifications about the device, send information about the use of software, new application features added/modified/removed and send notifications about fraudulent activities on your account.
Statistics based on personal data gathered from the device are used to provide insights from the data to the user. The company can use data captured in an unidentifiable manner to analyze the age, gender, location and behavior of users. The outcome of such a customer segmentation study can result in the improvement of product features.
Device-level data is further used to understand posture patterns, variations in the upper back movements, correct and slouching postures, training duration with vibrations and tracking duration without vibrations.

4. Who can read through the customer data?
Data collected from the customer will remain secure under all conditions. Full-Time Employees and Part-Time Employees sign a confidentiality agreement before they can use the data for application/device development purposes.
Mobile and Web applications connect to the database. Connections used for communication between the database and application/website are secured.
In scenarios where there is a legal request to share your data from the court or legally authorized entities, we will provide the data as per the legal need.

5. How is the customer data stored securely?
Customer data gets saved in highly reliable secured servers with strict login authentication. Data remains encrypted. Servers authentication and necessary security features are inspected regularly. The server is checked for virus, bugs, malicious scripts, etc… OS is updated intermittently and firewall settings are thoroughly checked. An advanced method of authentication is used on servers and also server login and activity details are captured and audited on a daily basis.
6. How will Neukelp contact the Customer?
In order to send offers, application updates, service level changes, device changes, and security policies, Neukelp can use customer details stored in the database.
Notifications and messages can be sent to your mobile application relating to your method of using the device.
Notifications are optional. You can select or unselect to receive or not receive notifications about the application or device usage.
7. How can the customer view, change or remove their data stored on the Neukelp’s system?
By contacting Neukelp through email, you can get a copy of your data. Email received from you requesting for data will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and then the data will be sent to you. Inaccurate data can be corrected on request from the customer.
You can also choose to remove your data. In such situations, Neukelp will remove most of the data and retain only a minimum volume of data as required by the law.
8. How can customers stop Neukelp from using their data for further processing or generic analysis?
Yes. Customers can let Neukelp know that their data need not be processed. Under such circumstances, Neukelp cannot provide the required insights or statistical analysis of data captured to the customer.
In a few situations, Neukelp can provide a copy of the data to the customer and remove it completely to make space of required data on the server’s database.

9. Can the Neukelp device be used by Children and Minors below the age of 18?
Yes. Neukelp device can be used by anyone above the age of 12.

10. Will the Privacy Policy undergo changes?
Yes. Privacy Policy can be changed as and when required. Changes made to the privacy policy will be informed to the customer through email. Updates made to the privacy policy will be stored for future reference.
11. Merger and Acquisition of the company can result in?
In the situation where the company gets merged, acquired or transferred, the database will get merged with the new business entity. 2 weeks of prior notice will be given to the customers to delete the information or stop processing the data. If a response is not received from the customer, the database will be merged.

12. Access to background service and location

Privacy is our first and foremost concern and your data is safe with us. We access background service and location only to run the training mode in the background. We do not store location data anywhere on our platform.

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