Very good and innovative product. Helps to maintain good posture at all times. Really useful especially when working from home
Shayak Roy
Life changing product , helps to reduce the back pain and integration with App-push notification is one of the best feature
Aditya Ranjan
A quintessential product for office goers( even if you are working from home) to correct and improve one's posture. Highly recommended!
Paras Agarwal
I'm very thankful to Neukelp for this amazing product. This device is highly recommended for posture restoration with real time alert.
Piyush Rai
Coal India Ld.
Amazing product! Really helpful to maintain the right posture when working from home where we don't have a proper office ergonomic setup.
Vishal Chandak
At first I was a bit sceptical, but once I bought the product, it really proved to be of great use to me. If you sit for long hours, this is something for you.
Nayan Nair
Innovative and much needed in the professional sphere
Vidit DK
Looks intelligent. I like the versatility and portability of it
Hrishikesh Bhatt
Samhita Social Ventures
Innovative, help in maximum breathing, train for correct postures
Rajesh Agrawal
Ernst & Yong LLP
This is an amazing product! My posture has been so bad ever since we started working from home. With this Tony making reminding me not to slouch, I’ve become much better about sitting on a proper chair.
Niyati harnathka
Eli Lilly
I have been observing increased number of back pain cases in our hospital and the current lifestyle and bad posture is a severe growing concern. Neukelp’s ultra-light and cost effective posture monitoring device could prevent many lives.
Dr. Suman Bala
Orchid Hospital
Neukelp has helped me be aware of my posture at all times. Long hours in front of the screen tends to make me slouch and cause back aches from time to time. With Neukelp I was able to maintain correct posture and avoid the aches. The app is also very intuitive to use.
Raghav Kedia
Kotak Life Insurance
I being a professor have to continuously teach throughout the day. Never before I have given a thought about posture. This device helped me to have a correct posture throughout the day by reminding whenever I slouch. Would recommend it to other professors and teachers around the globe.
Gaurav Hirani
I have been using Neukelp for couple of months now and it has been really helpful. Especially during the 'work from home' months, this product helped me maintain my posture and keep any back problems at bay. I would highly recommend Neukelp to those who do a desk job where you have to sit for 6-8 hours a day​
Albin Abraham
Being a coder, my work involves sitting for long durations. I have faced back pain a lot due to my bad posture. I think this device is the most reliable solution for back pain out of the many remedies I have tried. It enabled me to slowly improve my posture and the back pain is completely gone. I would definitely recommend this. #healthyhabits
Paras Dhama
In these COVID times and lockdown phase, the working hours increased exponentially for me. This led to immense back pain and increased weight (especially on upper back). Then, a friend suggested me to use Neukelp and it literally changed everything. It nudged me to stay in the right posture while working, exercising, watching TV, working in the kitchen, etc. As a result, it reduced pain, discomfort and helped to stop back fat! This is really an amazing product and I highly recommend it! Kudos to the company for developing such an evolutionary product!
Harshita Singh
Human spine was designed for climbing tress but we use them for sitting at chairs. Due to daily havoc of modern life, I was struggling from the upper back pain which was converting into a chronic one but then Neukelp came to my rescue. It's designed on the well proven scientific researches and uses state of the art technology to monitor spine orientation. What really adds to the usefulness is the elegant app based interface which never leaves a chance to remind you whenever you are slouching. A must have product for anyone who wants to avoid or eliminate the slow poison of professional life also termed as back pain.
Abhishek Rai
I shall take this opportunity to congratulate the Neukelp team and extend my gratitude for coming up with such an innovative product. Owing to the nature of my work, bad posture was a common cause of various neck and shoulder pains and I was going through the same very frequently. Constant advise from the doctors was to follow a right posture, while so there was no indicator for the same. With the Neukelp product in the market and after using the same, today I have the indicator that is so helpful for me to maintain the posture. Over the span of 3 to 4 months I have seen the nagging pains go down, as I am able to maintain the right posture, as required. Highly recommended for all desk-jobers.
Akhilesh Rautray
Cacti Legal Services LLP
You wont even realise that there is some product on your back its feather light but comes with heavy benefits, I bought it over a friend's recommendation and am really amazed by its utility, to be honest i am on a shorter side and slouching adds up to it, but with help of Neukelp i am improving my posture which makes me feel at least an Inch taller and confident
Kumar Nikale
Deloitte US
Long performances and practice sessions with my band have been taking a consistent toll on my posture. I was on the verge of developing chronic problems when I came across this product, and I have not looked back since then! This is a lifesaver and a must-have item while I'm on tour or just for long jams! It's tiny and easy to fit anywhere, and immensely effective!
Apurva Sharan
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